Best Eco-Tourist Destinations in Colombia

As well as a rich, diverse culture filled with a beauty unique only to itself, Colombia also offers an adventure-filled vacation. Whether you want to reach the very tip-top of The Rock of Guatapé reaching a startling 7005 ft or simply wish for a peaceful walk across the beach, you will find all kinds of adventure in this eco-tourist destination.

If you are an adventure-seeker, Colombia will not leave you wanting. Their beaches, deserts, rivers, forests and snowy mountains will provide you with all the adventure you could ever want.

For an experience you will never forget, visit the Chingaza National Park. This national park, located near the city of Bogota, earned it’s place as one of Colombia’s most famous eco-tourism spots with altitudes reaching anywhere from 2600 to 13000 ft above sea level. An amazing climb is not the only awesome experience but also the wildlife that reside in this park—the speckled bears, jaguars, pumas, woolly monkeys, toucans and the imposing Andean condor. If you want to see the park in full, book a tour and get guided through the park’s vast páramo ecosystem.

If Chingaza leaves you longing for more adventure, then you may want to stop by the El Cocuy National Park. As the jewel of Colombia’s eco-tourist destinations, El Cocuy is crowned with sacred snowy-topped peaks and beautiful glacier lakes as well as historic ice fields. Large amounts of explorers and hikers are discovering this jeweled crown of Colombia. Colorful birds, speckled bears and Andean condors are among a few of the beautiful animals you will see amid-st the El Cocuy’s snowy peaks.

After all the rock climbing and hiking, you may be looking for something a bit different. If that is the case, you are in luck, there are many coastal locations where you can partake in a wide variety of oceanic adventures.

The Utría National Park is one such location. It is a breeding ground for humpback whales, the biggest and most gentle inhabitants of Colombia. These beautiful creatures travel a thousand miles each year just so that they can have their babies on it’s shores. However, humpback whales are not the only inhabitants. In fact, most visitors will opt to go to Bahia Solano to watch the sea turtles crawl onto the beaches during the night to lay their eggs each year.

Perhaps, you neither like deserts nor oceanic excursions but are in fact a lover of nature and wish to explore the great jungles of Colombia. If that is the case, you will find a beautiful and diverse range of species dwelling in the rain forests of the Amazon. The Amazon is the largest rain forest in the world. Home to 30 million species of life as well as one in ten known species on Earth. This rain forest covers 41% of Colombia. It’s proximity to the Amazon River makes it perfect for the many unique species of animal and plant alike that live in the forests. With eleven reserves in the regions, such as the highly recommended Amacayacu Park.

With so many beautiful places and so many amazing adventures to have, more and more people are looking to visit Colombia for adventure.

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