Why Should You Choose an Ecological Holiday Resort?


If you’re not considering the environmental footprint of your holiday accommodation, you are in the minority in the world today.  Today’s tourists prefer destinations that take the initiative to protect and preserve the environment. Many places that have a sustainability focus are proud of their efforts and make sure to go out of their way to promote their efforts. According to Booking.com, 68% percent of tourists prefer to book eco-friendly accommodation.

What is an Eco-Resort?

An eco-resort  is a lodging facility that takes active steps to reduce it’s carbon footprint on the Earth while giving back to it’s local community and surroundings.  A recent study by market research firm, Mandala Research shows that 60% of U.S. travelers have taken a “sustainable” trip in the last three years and that these travelers spend on average $600 per trip, and stay three days longer than the average guest who make use of “normal” accommodation.

What Can You Expect When You Arrive at an Eco-Resort?

Eco-friendly resorts go to great lengths to teach their guests about how to co-exist with nature and actively engage in leaving no trace in the surrounding environment.  “Green” resort staff take pride in educating their guests about the existing life in the natural surroundings of the resort and in the necessary steps that need to be taken to protect the fragile eco-systems on our planet.

Farm-to-table dining is very popular at ecological resorts which improves your dining experience as only the freshest, chemical-free organic fruits and vegetables are used which is generally grown on the resort property itself. Waste management by composting makes up an important part of respecting the environment around the resort. Throughout the premises of eco-resorts you will be sure to find recycling containers so guests can separate organic and inorganic trash. Making use of alternative energy sources like solar power, wind power and energy saving lighting make a huge impact on the immediate environment by eliminating the use of fossil fuels. Many ecological resorts include occupancy sensors that control electronics, blinds, lights and temperature settings in their guest rooms. In bathrooms, special additions such as low-flow shower-heads and toilets make a difference in water consumption. Green cleaning products are used to lessen the impact on the environment.

The Benefits of Choosing a “Green” Resort

The surrounding waters and land are a sanctuary for an enormous diversity in wildlife both in the water and on land.  Environmental programs that are put in place by the resorts strive to preserve and enhance the natural habitat in order to support any wildlife and marine life in the area.

Many eco-resorts make use of “voluntourism” by giving large discounts to guests who area who are willing to work for a specified period of time during their visit.  While enjoying holiday discounts for this engagement, you also have the opportunity to gain experience in wildlife conservation, ecosystem restoration, animal rescue, ecological surveys, working with the surrounding communities and scientific lab research. Many eco-resorts gives it’s guests who have two or more rooms, a discount if they carpool together to the resort if they are visiting the resort from a driving distance from them. This is to encourage the reduction of carbon emissions. Staying in an eco-certified accommodation is an easy way to make a difference to the environment and communities that you travel to. There are even benefits for the green travel hotels involved by being eco-friendly. The benefits range from cost savings to gaining competitive advantages over other hotels and risk management due to the surrounding areas being kept beautiful so that their visitors are recurring and their profits blossom as the area around them blossoms too.


The world today is aware how fragile our environment is and the critical impact each of us has on it. Many travelers are choosing eco-friendly alternatives that reduce their carbon footprint in an effort to do their part in preserving our threatened environment.

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