Eco-Tourism in the Caribbean


The Caribbean’s exceptional beaches will always attract tourists, there is a particular type of tourist who prefers the bird watching and hiking that the Caribbean abundant vegetation and exclusive wildlife provide. Though only true eco-tourists are conscious of sustaining the environment from which so much pleasure is derived. They are the real life romanticized “eco-warriors”.

What to See and What to Do?

As tourists in the Caribbean, it is important focus on the need for the preservation of this breathtaking destination. When we visit an island in the Caribbean, we should always ask for a Caribbean eco-tourist holiday residence as we portray our appreciation for the island life when we seek out eco-hotels. In this way, we can help small islands realize that we support and appreciate their home as tourists. Together we can make a difference in the longevity of their beautiful surroundings. You can swim with humpback whales in the Dominican Republic. Bird-watching, hiking, camping, visits to coffee plantations, and kayaking are readily available activities too. Interesting adventures such as rock climbing, body rafting, caving and canyoning are very popular in the area. The Caribbean offers some of the best rain-forest hikes and mountain-bike tours. If you fancy an adventure tour to St. Vincent by hiking up a volcano, sailing with a crew, in pursuit of the huge variety of bird life or even hiking up a river canyon to a sensational water pool which is perfect for swimming. The Caribbean is home to more than 170 species of birds including toucans, manikins, tanagers and even the rare oil bird.

Modern Eco-Tourism

According to the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) which is a proud research organization focused on eco-tourism and sustainable travel,the Caribbean stands out as one area that is quickly growing in esteem among different favorable tourism markets. Some examples of eco-tourism include community projects, community education, energy-efficiency activities and wildlife research. Many destinations in the Caribbean vary widely to what degree and in which manner they support these projects.

The Earthwatch Institute is a worldwide organization that teams volunteers up with scientists. They run several research endeavors in the Caribbean including the well known “Reef Ecology” in the Bahamas as well as the rainforest habitats in Puerto Rico and “Turtle Conservation” in Trinidad. Throughout the Caribbean, historic constructions are subject to daily natural and man-made threats ranging from tourism-related development to tropical storms. The mission of the Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions (CVE) is to strengthen and assist local efforts to document and record historic and architecturally meaningful resources. Volunteers for the CVE participate in projects such as historic building monitoring, cemetery assessments, preservation construction and archaeological projects.


The Caribbean is an incredibly diversified place in every way imaginable. The landscape changes dramatically from one island to the next. The Caribbean showcases some of the most beautiful  destinations in the world, ranging from white sands and cascading waters to flourishing jungles and many exclusive fauna and flora. The ecology and culture of each island presents something exotic in it’s own unique way.

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