The New Trends of the Sustainable Tourism Industry

According to recent trends, it seems as though travelers will choose sustainability first and will endeavor to choose sustainable vacation trips. There are a few notes on trends that we as responsible humans who call planet Earth our home should consider going forward. It is currently trendy for tourists to be looking for closer contact with nature.

The result of research shows how the trends of green travel are continuously escalating. The majority of the travelers state that they have the intent to go on a sustainable trip. Four out of every 10 travelers generally choose a sustainable trip. It seems to be very trendy to choose green, sustainable accommodation. The first step toward sustainability as humans is always choose green accommodation. Many holidays nowadays connect the concept of sustainable tourism with the stay in eco-friendly accommodation.

The reasons that people tend to choose sustainable accommodation is because it will help to reduce the negative impact on the environment, it represents the opportunity have an experience in contact with the local community and many also undertake this adventure to feel better about their ecological choice in vacation.

The most important reason that pushes travelers to undertake green travel is the safeguard of the environment and the natural beauty that we have on this Earth. Many people choose this new form of tourism after having noticed the destructive impact of tourism over some natural places and the positive impact of sustainable tourism on the immediate surrounding area. Many people want to safeguard the natural beauty of this planet and preserve it and that in itself has become a trend.

Spending a little more on an eco-friendly holiday is less of a problem recently because it is money spent on saving the environment.  Two-thirds of the world’s population of travelers are willing to pay at least 5 % more to insure a smaller impact of their travel on the environment around the travel destination.

One of the obstacles for the development of sustainable tourism can be the higher prices of green travel in respect to the more traditional travel that has a more negative impact on the environment. Sustainable travel in general has some higher costs and more time is required to reach sometimes due to the active reduction of carbon emissions during the journey to the destination. This also sometimes limits the number of visit-able places but it seems that this does not stop eco-travelers from picking up their backpacks and starting a new, sustainable adventure.

Coming out from our comfort zones and living in an authentic experience to discover different realities in this world is one of the most important aspects of sustainable tourism on Earth. Many sustainable tourists prefer to buy local products instead of commercially touristic souvenirs and enjoy going on an adventure in public transport rather than making use of a comfortable taxi for the experience. Eco-tourists prefer to choose a restaurant with ingredients that are grown on the same premises rather than have dinner at a “high class” restaurant.

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